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Payment FAQs

Q1. My credit card was declined, but I'm still showing a pending charge.
If a debit card or check card is used to make a payment, and the purchase was not accepted due to AVS filter failure, please be aware that most banks will hold the "authorized" funds (counting against your balance until the authorization clears) even if your order was rejected by our security measures. Such authorizations are merely "pending" charges, and funds will not be transferred because the entire transaction was declined. The pending authorization will be released within 3 to 29 days, depending on the card-issuing bank. Please note that the funds never reached our payment system, and therefore we do not have control over when the funds will be returned to you. For further information, please contact your bank.

**An AVS failure (or Address Verification System failure) occurs when the billing address that the bank has on file for your card does not exactly match the billing address you entered at checkout.**
Q2. My transation was declined due to AVS failure.
Please verify that the billing address you entered exactly matches the one associated with the credit card.
If you are shipping to an address other than your billing address please contact your credit card company and add the ship to address as an alternate on your account. You can then use it as your billing address.
Otherwise we recommend you to replace an order through PayPal checkout(with your credit card) or your PayPal account.
Q3. Do you charge sales tax on any item?
Hairbird.com is required by law to collect and remit Georgia sales tax.
Q4. Which payment methods do you accept?
We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal through Paypal Express.
Q5. How secure is this store?
Hairbird.com uses Paypal Payflow Pro for payments, one of the most trusted online payment solutions on the web.

All payment information is stored in a customer profile hosted on PayPal's secure systems.
Q6. Do you accept "Collect On Delivery (COD)" payment or personal checks?
Sorry, but no. We do not accept personal checks or COD.
Q7. When do I get my refund once I have returned an item?
Once we have received your return, we process a refund onto the original payment method within 5 business days.
For example, your return should be credited to you within 10 business days if you sent your package via a 3-5 day delivery method.
We will send you an e-mail to let you know when and how much the credit was issued.


Please first read the FAQs above. Then if you still have any questions, we'd be happy to help. Please contact us.