Mane Concept - Afri Naptural WATER WAVE 12"

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ISIS Braid

Mane Concept - Crochet Braid CB20 WATER WAVE 12"

  • Apri-Naptural Caribbean Bundle Braids
  • Product code: MA -CB20
  • Manufacturer: Mane Concept
  • Product type: Braids
  • Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Soft Human-Like Texture
  • Finger-Friendly
  • Fuller & Natural
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Combing & Styling

Caribbean Bundle Braids:

Escape into the tropics with Caribbean Bundle Braids, the hair that allows you to embrace natural island hair textures that feel like your own! Caribbean Bundle Braid natural textures are lightweight and made finger friendly for an easy braiding experience!

Caribbean Bundle Braids: For remi looks, you need faux remi combined with the best proprietary fibers, we deliver human-like natural looking textures that feel fuller, allow less tangling and feature flame retardant properties with hot water styling benefits for effortless styles.

I absolutely love the this hair. It doesn't tangle easily. It's nice and bouncy; very easy to install and take down. My only gripe is that I would love to get this in the black/purple 2 pack, but in this 12 inch length. Please add more colors to this length if possible!

Such great hair!
I first rated only two stars because it was out of stock...but you guys got in my request and contacted me. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!
Love this hair, it looks amazing, get lots of compliments...BUT, and I mean a BIG’s always out of stock.
I absolutely love this hair!!! It's so soft and the longer you wear it the more natural it looks. I love it!!
Great hair does not tangle and you can wash it.
The hair is amazing and has a natural look/feel. I used 6 packs.. didn't split any of the hairs. I'm 100% satisfied. Can't wait to purchase again and again.. I thank you Mane Concept.
awesome hair ,very light natural look, used 6 packs .
I love this hair. I purchased 3 packs of T1B27 and 3 packs of T1B30.
Love this hair. Not too heavy at all and it’s super soft and natural. I use 7 packs for a full look without splitting the hair pieces in half.
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The actual colors, curls and length may be little different from the picture as the different monitor resolution settings and the different handicraftsman.
Wig may need styling to appear as picture.