Bobbi Boss - Bomba Dreadlocks Faux Locs SOUL 18"

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Bobbi Boss African Roots Braid Collection

Bobbi Boss - Bomba Dreadlocks Faux Locs SOUL 18"

  • African Roots Braid Collection
  • Manufacturer: Midway International INC.
  • Product type: Braids
  • Material: Synthetic Fiber

Style it any way you want

  • 100% Hand-Braided : Beautiful clean style in an instant
  • Pre-made loop : Simple, time-saving crochet installation
  • Natural texture : Natural feeling and finger-friendly
  • 18" in length : Super light and soft
  • Gorgeous curls in seconds : Simply wrap braid around rod and dip in hot water
Thanks for the awesome product and fast shipping! I will keep buying this!
Fast shipping, and great service! I love the hair and will continue to order from this site.
Correction to previous post. I ordered the hair on 5/4/2017 and received the hair on 5/6/2017, which is a Saturday
I love this company. I will continue to order from them in the future. I ordered this hair on 5/5/2017 on my lunch break and received the hair on 5/7/2017 which was a Saturday and yes my USPS delivers on Saturday. I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was. Great company. Now about the hair. I love the hair I purchased 5 bags. I did the individual crochet method around the perimeter and 6 cornrows going to back. My head is big but the 5 bags were enough for me. The hair is soft to touch but stays firm. I will be ordering more
Fast shipping. best price to be found. I ordered 7 packs and it was way to full for me. Had to take some out so i used about 6. I also have a big head. If your thinking to buy it 5 is more than enough. The colored ones are thicker than the black so keep that in mind. They frizz up very easily
I love this website the hair is a good price &came super fast!! However this particular hair is heavy. I ordered the T1b/blue. Love the color but they are heavy and they get frizzy very quickly. I got them installed Saturday and they are already frizzy and sticking to each other and its only monday. They feel lightweight when you touch them but once installed they are a hassel. I definitely wont order this hair again but i will definitely order from this site.
Price cannot be beat! I have thick hair and a big head (lol), so I use 7 bags of the 1B. I've never used any other colors but they are cute. I buy 14 bags at a time from this site because I wear faux locs very often and this hair is super expensive where I live (Atlanta).
This hair is the best crochet faux locs! I only use this on my clients.
I ordered 4 packs of hair. You will need a total of 5 packs to do this style (6 if you like really full hair). Be aware that the lighter colors may have a very different texture from the darker colors. The #1B/30 was drastically different from the #2. It was thicker and rougher in texture, more like authentic locs, while the #2 was soft and more like a palm roll (when you first begin locs) texture. Also, the #1B/30 is 18in but the #2 was much longer (approx 20- 22in). I cut off a lot on the #2 to make the hair more even. All in all, this hair is ok. I would have preferred more tapered ends, but I do like that the soft ends don't snag. Another thing, because of the "coily" ends, you can easily turn this hair into goddess locs. I've had it in for about a week and it is already frizzing up. That might lend to the authenticity, but I don't like the different textures. I give it about a month. Fast shipping from hairbird; I will definitely be ordering from them again!
best site ever i love the price and the hair ..don't change ok :D
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The actual colors, curls and length may be little different from the picture as the different monitor resolution settings and the different handicraftsman.
Wig may need styling to appear as picture.