Bobbi Boss - Crochet Braid Bae Locs 20"

Bobbi Boss - Bae Locs 20"



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Nu Locs

Bobbi Boss - Synthetic Hair Crochet Braid Bae Locs 20"

  • Product code: BB-BAE20
  • Manufacturer: Midway International INC.
  • Product type: Braids
  • Material: Synthetic Fiber

Natural & Trendy Style

  • Authentic Natural Hair Style: High quality fibers fashioned for the most realistic natural appearance
  • 2 Accent Threaded Locs: Beautifully colored Tie-Dye threads for the perfect accent and versatile customization
  • Crochet Interlocking: Time-saving, effortless installation
  • Natural texture : Remarkably natural look & soft-to-touch handling
  • 20" in length : Light weight
  • Excellent Hot Water Setting : Create beautiful, defined curls in seconds

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※FS (FROSTED) - 80% base color frosted with 20% highlight color

※P (PIANO) - Chunky, side - by - side streaks of contrasting colors

※T (TIPPED) - Roots are made with base color, tips are made with 2nd color

※Colors of image and actual product may slightly vary based on screen resolution.

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The actual colors, curls and length may be little different from the picture as the different monitor resolution settings and the different handicraftsman.
Wig may need styling to appear as picture.

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