Mane Concept - Afri Naptural 2X Motion Wave 18"

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ISIS Braid

Mane Concept - CBB202 Afri Naptural 2X Motion Wave 18"

  • Apri-Naptural Caribbean Bundle Braids
  • Product code: MA-MOTION18
  • Manufacturer: Mane Concept
  • Product type: Braids
  • Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Length: 18"

Faux Remi Caribbean 2X CB BOUNCE MOTION WAVE Braid

  • Latch hook friendly for crochet
  • Easy combing and styling
Caribbean Bundle Braids: For remi looks, you need faux remi combined with the best proprietary fibers, we deliver human-like natural looking textures that feel fuller, allow less tangling and feature flame retardant properties with hot water styling benefits for effortless styles.

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The actual colors, curls and length may be little different from the picture as the different monitor resolution settings and the different handicraftsman.
Wig may need styling to appear as picture.