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Bohemian wig

Diana Pure Natural Wig BABA

  • Product code: DIWF-BABA
  • Shown color: DT4/GOLD
  • Manufacturer: Diana
  • Product type: Wig
  • Material: Futura
  • Special color available

Pure Natural

Increase your magnificence and attraction with long, beautiful, stylish and charming hair.

Pure natural

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This is my first order from Hairbird. I lost my locs because I had extensive chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and wanted a "natural" looking wig. This wig is incredible. I ordered DT1B/Red and love it! Great job Hairbird!

Pretty! I love the longer length and highlights on one side! To see my youtube review copy/paste the link in your browser! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fygTjGYCIo

I love this wig! I saw in in a review video on you-tube . The review there was so good I decided to buy one. It looks just like the pic on the you-tube, meaning the pic here does it no justice. I bought a human hair twist" wig from another company and this wig looks just as good. I can pass it off as another style of the human hair one.

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I enjoy wearing this unit. I can blend my own twists with the wig's and you cannot tell the difference. It's tasteful and unique and I feel proud of who I am wearing it. The strands are getting softer with each use. It's likely I'll buy another because it has become my unique fashion statement.

I got this in the 1B/Purple. While I do get compliments when I wear this out every now and then, it is not as full and long as I would like or as is shown in the picture especially in the back. You do have to work with it when you get it. If it was as long/full as in the photo, I would give this five stars. This wig is only okay.

But it's because of this wig that I discovered Hairbird and I'm glad I did especially since their shipping is more reasonable than other places. Just ordered a different wig and can't wait to get it.

Absolutely love this unit!! I purchased 3 of these in different colors...it looks so natural!! Will certainly pass for your own natural hair!! For the price, you can't go wrong!!! Plus shipping with Hair Bird is super fast!!!

This is my second review I now own three of these wigs, the older the wig gets the better it looks; I workout 6 days a week and this is one of my workout wig using a wig grip to hold in place this bad boy goes no where especially when I do my spinning class love it!!! hope they don't discontinue making it

DT1B/Red. I love it. Took some manipulating and moved it from left side parting look to right side. Locs in the back are not that long as shown on the model but I slightly pulled on them and YES!! Lots of shedding from end of locs but Gorgeous!! Shipping??? HAIRBIRD is the Fastest ever!!

I forgot to click one more star! This company is GREAT!!!


diana capdiana capdiana cap

Cap specifications

  • Secure Comb: Front wide comb and rear comb
  • Adjustable band: 1
  • Skin top: No


Pure Natural 's built in heat-resistant formula and flame retardant technology make it possible to style using curling irons and other heat tools at about 377°, similar temperature as real hair.
You never have to worry about damage.

Pure Natural styling techniques will have no problem of mixing other hair with Pure Natural. Change from straight to curly hair and then back again without losing the soft texture and bouncy body, unlike other heat resistant fibers that easily lose their original touch and curl.
The special curl retention capability in Pure Natural means curls will last longer for weeks at a time.



SINCE This wig is designed using synthetic fibers, care must be taken to avoid tangling or ruining the curl pattern.
Follow these instructions for best results.

  1. Do not totally immerse your wig into water. Mist the hair with a spray bottle to dampen the hairs.
  2. Apply your shampoo to your hands first then run your fingers through the wig using a vertical motion pulling the shampoo out through the ends of the hair.
  3. Rinse the shampoo using a spray bottle or spray hose.
  4. Use a towel to blow out the excess water.
  5. Shake out the curls.
  6. Allow the wig to air dry on a wig stand or mannequin head.
The actual colors, curls and length may be little different from the picture as the different monitor resolution settings and the different handicraftsman.
Wig may need styling to appear as picture.

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